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6025 Stage Road, Suite 42-137
Bartlett, TN  38134  
FAX 901-381-4666

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Shots on the Spot offers on-site vaccinations and wellness services throughout the Mid-South to corporations, churches, community groups or other interested parties.   We provide high quality medical care that is safe, efficient, and cost effective . .  . and

we come to you. . . on the Spot.

Shots on the Spot :

bulletprovides travel vaccinations
bulletprovides marketing materials advertising upcoming events and services
bulletprovides materials for incentive programs encouraging your company or your groups' participation in vaccination and health fair programs.
bulletcomes to your facility or office and schedules services around your workday, 7 days a week/24 hours a day

Qualified and licensed healthcare professionals provide all vaccinations

Vaccinations:                                                                               Other Services:

    Influenza                                                                                       Tb Skin Testing 
    Hepatitis B                                                                                    Drug Testing
    Pneumonia                                                                                    Health Fairs
    Vitamin B-12                                                                                 Blood Pressure Screening
                                                                                                            Cholesterol Screening
                                                                                                             Body Fat Analysis
                                                                                                             Blood Glucose Screening
                                                                                                             Health Risk Assessments
                                                                                                             Lunch & Learn Seminars

Vaccination services and wellness/preventive health programs are services employers can offer as an employee incentive and a means of retention at minimal costs. We can custom design a corporate health fair specific to the needs of your employees. Reduce sick days and enhance employee wellness -offer services provided by Shots on the Spot.

Vaccinations          Health Fairs          Other Services          Scheduling